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Since our founding in 1999 as Opportunity Knocks, one of the first national job boards focused exclusively on mission-driven careers, our Work for Good team has helped more than 30,000 organizations across the country find the talent they need.

Nonprofit focus and expertise.

We’re a nonprofit ourselves. Everything we do is designed to give back to the organizations that give so much. That’s why we make everything as easy as possible, with unparalleled customer service, ongoing support, and exclusive content featuring industry experts and hiring trends.

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With hundreds of thousands of pageviews every month, we are the go-to job site for people looking to get their start or move up the ladder in a mission-oriented organization. Because we attract purpose-driven professionals, you won’t have to sift through a stack of unqualified candidates looking for the one that truly believes in what you do. We’re also proud to offer second-to-none customer service, with a team that’s responsive, hands-on, and committed to your hiring success.

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